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Colombian gastronomy
Surprises that are exclusively for b, ocana with love and socre everything refreshes the new healthy, easy, varied and very economical pre-peration themes.
Change is always good for learning, growing, advancing and projecting our imagination in a big way, nowadays health demands it, leaving behind fried food, cooking is to enjoy and learn by experimenting, trying to get the best out of each product . Without forgetting the aesthetics of cleanliness and order in the kitchen. Something nice, fresh and shiny that inspires and motivates you to cook with skill, flavor and love.
Classic, modern, healthy and well explained recipes, since just reading makes you eat. It is one of the many rich traditions of my country, they are recipes that you learn and prepare at your own pace, the daily specialty of each dish is unique, everything we do is based on love.
So love and deliver the best of you in every preparation.

Lina Rendón


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I feel safe, happy and confident in the connection I have with different people, spaces and unique moments. Which teach me to delve, explore and meet more beings in my intellectual environment, to be active to the great human being that I am. Giving the best of me every second in terms of solidarity, empathy and kind quality of good being. Useful to society, it is a vibe that I feel and connect with powerful energy in different environments, that we do not know why they happen but that greatly belongs to us and is present in our being, and it is of invaluable power to explore, investigate, grow and believe in My is essential to continue shining with natural strength.

Lina María: She is a Colombian woman. A multifaceted writer, she is an activist and defender of human rights. She mostly focuses her life on supporting and providing all kinds of information to the community in general, and especially to women in the process of vulnerability and gender violence.
Throughout her life she has studied and trained in different branches, in which she has obtained titles like her; Empowerment Coach, Advanced Neuromarketing for Writers, Geriatric Assistant with Renal Specialty, Occupational Health. In addition, she has a Master of Labor Law, BRASIL MUJER 2019 Award, LATIN AMERICAN WOMEN RIGHTS SERVICE Award, among others.
She has stood out for being a woman who has dedicated years to volunteering in various countries, with Organizations, Foundations, Support Groups, Unions, Amnesty International, World Health Organization, Humanitarian and Government Aid, etc.
Thank you.

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