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Talking about the black sheep that has accompanied me all my life in these moments is flattering, despite the hard experiences my inner sheep has sustained me all this time. At my young age I already felt the weight of the black sheep that my family embedded in me, and I tried to imitate my sisters, white but it didn't work and it never worked.

The sheep prevailed, I jumped the bars to discover other terrains, I returned like the black sheep battered by walking on unknown paths, but happy and full of experiences. It could placate me temporarily, and I returned to the charge of stray sheep, that rarity made me Unique among my white sisters, this had its advantages and disadvantages, it has been like that ever since.

I felt alone and strange, with the passing of the years I blamed and hated my black sheep for all the blows I received because of her, until I learned to know her and accept her, because I finally found my flock where I identify myself, now I no longer I want to be on the other side, I am with them but I am not like them.
I love my white sisters and I love myself too, as a black sheep I can be happy with that.

Hermelinda Tovar Arellano


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The impulse to achieve my dreams has been the tenacity and perseverance to achieve my goals, I do not have university degrees, I have obtained the titles through my experiences, I manage the family business which my husband and I built, so I am a wife, mother and even grandmother, I am a Channeler of Angels, REIKI universal energy technique, and pendulum. For years I have been a rescuer of puppies and positions for adoption, coordinator of a women's group in self-help and feedback, event decorator, among other things, I left the comfort of what I learned to search, find and enter the unknown, it has been Quite a challenge to carry out my projects and dreams, when I least expected it, the teacher arrived when the student was ready, so here I am as a writer!

Hermelinda Tovar Arellano Mexican, 65 years old, was born and lives in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, her parents were merchants, she is the sixth of twelve siblings, ten girls and two boys, she is the first writer in her family, since she was a child she had an inclination to writing stories and songs, he also had the ability to draw, he married very young, and waited patiently to learn the methodology to write a book, now he has written and published three books, the first in 2021. Second book in 2022 Co-authored book with 19 writers from 9 countries. Third book just published on January 15, 2023 also co-authored with 17 writers from 9 countries. In addition, she has had literary participations, in contests, micro stories, participation in digital magazine Magazine and presentations, she continues to open and explore the path of letters charged with emotion.

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