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"LA NOCHE" is a book in which I narrate how to cope with life during the difficult process of losing a child.

In my work I share everything we went through as a family, over the course of a year, after the loss of my son Alan due to Covid19, a virus that changed the WORLD.

It was very difficult to see the brightness of the stars at night again; Today, I start to see it again because I have an angel who is in charge of illuminating each one of them through a thought that detonates in my mind.

Fabiola Alegría Silva

“Letras a mi hijo, FAMA”.

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In this time I have learned that the goal of my life is constantly changing; Because of that, I enjoy every day to the fullest and find happiness in each and every one of the things I do or live.

Everything I need is within me; although it does not depend on me, it really is in the hands of the one who gives me encouragement and I trust that his plan is better than mine.

Today I am happy with my family, my achievements, etc., what comes at this time will not make me more valuable; It will simply allow me to listen to that call that guides me to create great things, as well as to be in tune with the source of divine energy.

I just let myself go and trust that everything will be perfect.

The art and the power to create come all the time from within me, harmonizing my life, by doing what I love.
Today I know that what I have experienced, good or bad, has been necessary to be where I am; For this reason, I let myself be carried away in that divine current and I do not interfere in my destiny, convinced that each person is what they should be by "natural vocation".
By letting flow, everything becomes perfect!

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