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"Love Poems... For You" is inspiration and art that expresses the invaluable and immeasurable of being loved, and the very essence of love. Living metaphor of the game, dynamism that plays with emotions and feelings creating love poems whose principle is the freedom to write, to read, to feel, to be happy, to live in the joy generated by the encounter with the loved one, to recreate ourselves through the serene energy that brings us closer and sustains us in constant relationship.

In all times and places of this beautiful "House and Garden of Humanity" love is born, love lives, love survives; hence, the wonder of thinking-him, feeling-him, longing-him. We recreate it by staging it, dancing, repainting, singing, writing, sculpting, narrating it; it is the cosmic bio-dance of life.

Alicia García Ortíz

“Soy una Mujer que Ama y Respeta la Vida”.

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I am a Woman with a highly sensitive personality; Therefore, I assume the ethical responsibility of Caring for the Other in different contexts. I have proposed to help in different actions with deep social commitment.

I am sure that the task of educating never ends; Hence the need to continue in continuous training to deploy new actions that allow caring for children and youth.
It is through conferences, workshops and conversations; how is it possible to incite, motivate, and promote reflection and analysis of conscience; so that each adult becomes Guardian and Protector of Children and Youth.

It is a commendable priority that adults heal our spirit, overcome our fears and beliefs that sustain us in suffering; and let us transmute towards the joy and serene harmony of love; to toast from our Self; the best of us to humanity; opening paths and infinite possibilities to make a new world for everyone.

The song of life reminds us that at every dawn there is the mystery of making ourselves present to be better people.

Alicia Garcia Ortiz; retired teacher with thirty-three years of experience in public education at the special education level; She participates in the Educational Analysis Program "The Question of the Eagle that Rises" on Radio UAQ 89.5 FM. She teaches the Exceptional Beings Seminars in the Master of Educational Creation; opening spaces to appreciate the different ways of seeing, hearing, thinking, feeling, in such a way that the totality of human exceptionality that is typical of each being that is born on this Earth Home and Garden of All can be appreciated, showing that they are Great Teachers of life.

In her book: Free the Children! Victory is theirs! No parental alienation! The importance of caring, respecting and appreciating the BOYS, GIRLS AND YOUTH OF THE EARTH. A text that invites us to think about the care of the Other from a loving ethic.

In her Book: Love Poems… For You she shares reflections on love; closing with a collection of poems that invites you to think, feel and live different manifestations of love; and that it is possible to be expressed from the warm poiesis of words.

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